100 to 125 Ton Cooling Tower


Product Name: FRP 100 to 125 TON WHALEY TOWERS
Stock No. # WP1850-100 or WP1850-125
Description: Inlet Temp:                      95F
Outlet Temp:                  85F
Wet bulb:                        78F
Nominal Tons:               125tons
Nominal Flow:               375gpm
Fan Motor:                      5 hp
Rpm:                                1200
Inlet/outlet/makeup:    4″ x 4″ x 1/2″
Dimensions:                   84″W x 84″L x 122″HIncludes: PVC wet deck and drift eliminator, ABS plastic non-clogging spray nozzles.  Optional bottom outlet, tower stands, controls, pump systems, closed loop evaporative cooling available.Fiberglass cooling towers have the ability to withstand the sun, wind and other weather conditions far better than other towers on the market today. The corrosion that normally occurs as a result of water used inside the tower and the chemicals in the treatment of the water has no effect on the inside of our towers resulting in a longer life span. The heavy duty thick wall shell design adds many more advantages to owning a Whaley Tower. The way the towers are designed with three sections that slip inside one another eliminates the need for gaskets and the possibility of leakage. Each tower is securely anchored to a heavy duty steel platform with forklift slots. This alone makes this tower superior to any other on the market.